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Are You Committing One Of The Seven Deadly Sins Of Underperforming Sales Organizations?

March 24, 2014

You’ve hired a great team. You’ve used what you know about goal setting to establish a firm direction for you company to work toward. You’ve even collected and tracked data.
Things seem to be going good, but what if you make some small changes to make them GREAT?
It’s almost certain there are elements of your sales process that aren’t fully optimized. In our words, you could be committing one of the seven deadly sins of underperforming sales organizations.
By recognizing where your organization is falling short, you can improve performance with our Enterprise Sales Predictability (ESP) Methodology. The process is designed to help businesses like yours find and fix problems to develop a world class, industry leading, revenue generating machine of a sales team.
To build a better sales organization, we focus on seven lenses of Enterprise Sales Predictability:

  1. Sales Force Structure
  2. Coverage Model
  3. People Enablement and Development
  4. Sales Process
  5. Tools and Technology Enablement
  6. Sales Intelligence
  7. Quotas and Incentives

If each lens is fully optimized you may very well have the best sales team in the industry.
In reality, that’s a big “If” and most sales organizations are affected by one, if not more, of the seven deadly sales sins.
Any one of those sins may be the root of your underperformance, and what’s keeping you from running that well-oiled, revenue-generating machine we all strive for.
The symptoms of these shortcomings may include high turnover rates, unclear pipeline reports, and sales reps that never hit quotas. Contrary to what some believe, these aren’t unavoidable consequences of sales – they’re problems the strategic ESP process can fix.
The key to developing your best sales organization lies in identifying and correcting these major sales sins. By discovering your weaknesses and then tailoring ESP best practices to your organization, you can develop an optimal sales process that drives overall growth.
Check in with us later this week when we dive into the first two sins and how your sales organization may be falling prey to these easily avoidable mistakes.
If you want to learn more about how we can help you treat both the obvious symptoms of underperformance and the underlying causes of trouble to increase visibility and predictability of sales, contact us today!