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Stop Bashing and Start Leading Millennials

June 19, 2018

Tim Phillips recently had the privilege of presenting the following best practice summary points at the recent Houston Society of CPAs Spring Expo to over 800 attendees.This infographic demonstrates why this is such an important topic since more millennials are not only entering the work force but are also advancing in areas of greater responsibility […]

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Negotiation Process – The Dance

February 26, 2018

The negotiation process, formal or informal, has a 3-stage process:The OvertureThe DanceThe DealStage 2: The DanceThis second stage is all about “exploration” and “discovery”Discovering, defining and aligning your baseline “needs” and aspirational “wants” with those of the other party Establishment of deadlines for actions moving to closeSearch for alternatives – competition sharpens all negotiationsFraming what we […]

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Negotiation Process – The Overture

February 19, 2018

The negotiation process, formal or informal, has a 3-stage process:The OvertureThe DanceThe DealStage 1: The OvertureThis initial stage is the “Ask” or the “Offer” and is characterized by “Big Talk”Unrealistic demandsBluster and bravadoTesting the watersSetting the stagePositioning for power and controlBest practice: In this stage have the discipline to not accept the first offer, and […]

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Good – Fast – Cheap

January 15, 2018

Everyone’s back, re-energized and focused on making 2018 our best year!Use the Good, Fast, Cheap model to evaluate your strategic decisions beyond the quantifiable elements of your spreadsheet.   Like the immutable laws of physics, nature or economics, this model is infallible in preventing the disappointment of mission failure.Rules:  You can only have 2 of the […]

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Punctuality: The Politeness of Kings and Key to Selling Success

December 14, 2017

If you’re 5 minutes early – you’re on timeIf you’re on time – you’re lateIf you’re late – you get left behind And in the world of sales – you loseYou’re already practicing the “money value of time”. Intentionally investing your time in those activities yielding the greatest result and return in the shortest period […]

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The Power of Forgiveness to Earn Even More

December 6, 2017

The Liberating Power of ForgivenessI firmly believe that most people do not understand what forgiveness is, how its maximum liberating power is used as a tool, and how it becomes more effective when used proactively instead of reactively, as is most often the case when one seeks forgiveness as an act of contrition through apology.“Don’t […]

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The Money Value of Time

July 20, 2017

If you really want to break away from the pack and take your selling trade craft to the next level you must understand and master the Money Value of Time. Elite, highest-producing sales pros understand this concept; it is the motivating focus for their actions and prioritizations.Unlike the time value of money (the financial concept […]

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Consultative Questioning Skills to Make More Money

March 1, 2017

To maximize the value of the following consultative questioning skills, first decide you genuinely want to know the answer to your question from the other person’s point of view. This can be much tougher than you think. But with practice comes mastery.The most effective way to present these skills is by using a bit of […]

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Unleash the Power of the Platinum Rule

December 7, 2016

I was taught at an early age the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I even thought I did a fairly good job of practicing it in most relationships.However, it is interesting to note that the Golden Rule focuses on you, the doer. What if the recipient wants […]

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Give First to Earn More

September 22, 2016

If you take but one concept from this reading, this one alone will serve you well in achieving your goal of becoming a hero in the eyes of all you serve. It is the understanding of the differences between two related, but often misunderstood, words: give and earn.I promise that if you can master this […]

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