From Potential to Exponential™

Sell right from the start with a Revenade game plan


Any business that lacks proper sales effectiveness, even with the best plan, will fail. Through our RevLaunch process, Revenade combines real-world experience with a defined methodology to increase our clients’ sales performance.

RevLaunch utilizes our Enterprise Sales Predictability (ESP) model; a methodology that helps established sales teams elevate their performance and achieve their sales goals. RevLaunch’s ESP methodology employs a 7-Lens approach for evaluating a sales team’s effectiveness. The benefits of RevLaunch are substantial, the strategies scalable and the methodologies invaluable.

7-Lenses ESP Approach:
  1. Organization – Putting the right players in the right positions
  2. Coverage – Playing your position to win
  3. Sales Intelligence – Defining and measuring the most meaningful KPIs to call the right plays
  4. Quotas & Incentives – Creating performance expectations that provide rewards to energize the team
  5. Sales Process – Written game plan that addresses situations that you can measure, manage, repeat, teach, and most of all, scale
  6. People Development – Training, coaching, and mentoring to maximize each team members’ contribution based upon their gifts, skills, and talents
  7. Tools & Technology – Automation, collaboration, and mobility to multiply team effectiveness

Based on the insights developed in the RevLaunch process, Revenade provides prioritized actions and recommendations for improving overall sales effectiveness, along with a sales maturity model, a 7-Lens scorecard and plan for implementation.

These defined methodologies can be amplified when combined with RevZone, which reinforces the 7-Lenses for sales effectiveness with the pre-loaded work aids and the action-oriented, results-driven strategies within this collaborative platform.

ESP Chart