From Potential to Exponential™

Sell right from the start with a Revenade game plan


Go-to-market plans are great for hitting the target. And sales effectiveness and process refinements can also move the needle. But truly great teams move from good to great through a hands-on coaching approach to train and develop specialized skills and techniques to win. For this reason, Revenade offers RevTrain – a variety of training and coaching workshops to impart and hone the skills and techniques required to sell more now.

RevTrain programs are not lectures on “what to do.” They’re dynamic, intense, live “how to” workshops that engage team members wherever they are in their development to rapidly transition them to the next level of professional ability.

No ivory tower theories, pipe smokers, or chin strokers. RevTrain coaches are not only sales pros in the field, but also world-class coaching instructors with proven sales tactics and techniques that close sales now. Revenade creates customized sales training and coaching programs to ensure your sales victory.

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RevTrain Programs:
  • Communicating to Sell – Intentionally moving to close: Learn and practice proven consultative communication skills that drive more closings while shortening the sales cycle.
  • Creating the Magnet – Attracting, engaging, and retaining sales talent: Instead of plowing through the haystack and hiring duds, create the magnet to not only draw out but how to rapidly hire, onboard and keep a cohesive team of all-star sales professionals. 
  • Driving the Process – Secrets to selling more faster: Learn how to create your own sales process unique to your business goals. Then learn how to document, communicate, and manage your entire team to the process. The process is the greatest force multiplier to attaining any major sales objectives. 
  • Negotiating to Want – Stop Surrendering for just what you need: End that hollow feeling of knowing you left money on the table or somehow got short changed. Empowerment to engage in any negotiation with the skills and abilities to prevail.