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RevZone is built on the foundation of teamwork, much like sports. One player cannot achieve the level of success that a team reaches when operating with synergy. RevZone emphasizes putting the right people in their best position to produce a win.

Why RevZone?
Today’s complex sale demands teamwork. Bridging generational, geographic, experiential, and technological differences is the power and the incredible value of the RevZone collaborative sales platform, enabling you to sell more faster to achieve sustainable growth.

Why RevZone?

Sales Playbook

Sales Playbook: Plug into a pre-loaded comprehensive playbook complete with Revenade-produced sales tools, templates, processes, techniques, and an easy-to-find search capability that allows sellers to accelerate the sales process while increasing closing ratios.

Social Collaboration for Sales

Social Collaboration for Sales: Use a real-time, collaborative open channel to share news and information, ask questions, and receive peer ideas, best practices, and suggestions to sell more faster by drawing upon the knowledge and sales experience across the enterprise.

Capture and Retain Sales Intelligence Assets

Capture and Retain Sales Intelligence Assets: Stop the brain drain and knowledge loss when employees change positions or leave. Preserve your client knowledge base along with an easy to access format for transition to new account managers with seamless continual sharing and archiving of account information.

Radically Compress Learning Curve Time

Radically Compress Learning Curve Time: Reduce the onboarding process and accelerate sales performance for new team members through collaboration, self-study, and 24/7 access

Now. Today. Start winning by accelerating your sales with RevZone’s pre-loaded, configured, and easy-to-use collaborative social platform by contacting a Revenade professional.

Unique Solutions for Technology-Oriented Companies
Your job has challenges. RevZone has solutions. Whether you’re a software provider, professional services firm, or distributor/VAR, RevZone is the only collaborative sales platform that provides tailored content for the unique demands associated with technology-oriented sales.

Daily Education

Daily Education: The technology industry is always changing and sales people are expected to be experts. Get rapid delivery of current market intelligence and product information for your sales preparation.

Demonstrating Success

Demonstrating Success: Companies demand a personalized demonstration, not only of experience, but also of your solution for delivering immediate value. Learn how to ask the right questions and deliver value in your presentation.

Rapid Adaptation

Rapid Adaptation: The next competitor is always around the corner. And now, when they emerge with new offerings, you can inform your team and create solutions to quickly respond to the new market environment.

Retention & Expansion

Retention & Expansion: Create clients for life versus the “one and done” annual renewal resale. Our guidance and tools maintain relationships, not only for retention, but also for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Improve your ability to tackle unique challenges in selling technology. Connect with Revenade today.

Unique Solutions for Technology Oriented Companies

RevZone Features
As a resource for your sales force, RevZone unites an organization through one comprehensive platform, establishing synergy in sales teams. Utilizing a cloud-based portal and social media capabilities, RevZone allows your team to sell from the same page.

RevZone Features

Pre-Defined Content

Pre-Defined Content: With RevZone, everything you need is already there: sales aids, pre-defined sales processes, and a framework for adding new content.

Cloud-Based Portal

Cloud-Based Portal: Get real-time updates on sales developments, company news, and your next stage in the sales cycle through this cloud-based platform.

Functional and Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-Friendly: Every process, every sales aid, is always accessible, from your office to your mobile device. RevZone is mobile-friendly for sales in any situation.

In Touch with Your Team

In Touch with the Team: Collaboration is crucial. Share news, information, leads, or start a discussion with RevZone’s forums and instant messaging capabilities.

Intuitive Interface and Interactive

Intuitive Interface: RevZone identifies action items for each job function so the sales process, and its relation to marketing and product organization, is no longer a mystery.

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