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Punctuality: The Politeness of Kings and Key to Selling Success

December 14, 2017

If you’re 5 minutes early – you’re on time

If you’re on time – you’re late

If you’re late – you get left behind

And in the world of sales – you lose

You’re already practicing the “money value of time”. Intentionally investing your time in those activities yielding the greatest result and return in the shortest period of time. Performance is improving and beginning to overfill your calendar with opportunity pursuits and commitments, all with a genuine sense of service to others.

You’re starting to be late by maybe just 2-5 minutes for your appointments. You breathlessly rush in while apologizing for your ‘tardiness’ (children are ‘tardy’ – adults are ‘late’). Even though people smile and say ‘that’s OK’, you’re damaging relationships and personal reputation.

Why is punctuality important? Time is the only non-renewable resource we are given a limited amount of at birth. Arriving late communicates through action you don’t value other people’s most precious resource – and them personally. Actually, you’re an arrogant thief stealing someone else’s money value of time.

Failing to be punctual is an act of disrespect with a multiplier effect when late for a meeting with more than one person.

My first boss imparted this lesson after I was just 2 minutes late for a meeting. After the meeting he said ‘You’re organized, active and ambitious. And I see you have a beautiful watch on your wrist. You were obviously promoted from the 1st to the 2nd grade where you learned the difference between the big and little hand on that beautiful watch. When you’re late the logical conclusion is you selfishly believe your time is more valuable than mine which is disrespectful. People who feel disrespected not only don’t want to associate with you, they will never respect you. And in the world of sales my friend – you’ll fail. Message received?’

Legions of intelligent, articulate, well-educated and good-hearted people have unwittingly sabotaged their relationships and careers by failing to be punctual. “5 minutes early is on time”.