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Good – Fast – Cheap

January 15, 2018

Everyone’s back, re-energized and focused on making 2018 our best year!

Use the Good, Fast, Cheap model to evaluate your strategic decisions beyond the quantifiable elements of your spreadsheet.   

Like the immutable laws of physics, nature or economics, this model is infallible in preventing the disappointment of mission failure.

Rules:  You can only have 2 of the 3 at any given time – if you want:

  • Good and fast . . . it won’t be cheap
  • Fast and cheap . . . it won’t be good
  • Cheap and good . . . it won’t be fast

You choose the 2 that are most important to the project or effort.

Bottom line:  You get what you pay for in terms of results and quality.  Don’t have the right resources, can’t D-I-Y, or just don’t want to do it?  Hire the pros who can and get it done right the first time.  

Wisdom: Focus on the money value of time, and invest your time in activities that yield the highest reward for the time invested.